As a professional with a background in health sciences I was looking for support from a nutritionist with strong evidence-based practise. Kirsten skilfully integrated her knowledge in order to address my quite specific health and dietary needs. Her approach is personable and professional. I recommend her services with full confidence in her ability to address even the most specific needs and come up with a holistic, achievable and practical plan tailored to your needs.

Emma W. 2016.

Thank you for helping me with my health issues.

I am happy to say I am now sleeping and my digestive tract is working so much better.

I’m so pleased I came to see you, it has made a huge difference to my life in so many ways.

Linda D. 2016.

I saw Kirsten 3 months ago as I was suffering from a lack in energy and drive. Her consultation was very thorough, fun and I felt comfortable discussing my issues with her. Her dietary recommendations were easily implemented and reasonable for a busy working mum. I enjoyed the change and enjoy the challenge of intermittent fasting but most of all I enjoy the results. In 3 months I have lost just under 10 kgs and I love the Low Carb High Fat meals. I feel happy, engaged and energetic.

Nicole N. 2016