Supplements first aid kit: Part 2. The common cold (and friends).

We all get these, unfortunately, and there isn’t a huge amount that you can do about it, right? Well, that’s what I thought. Until my microbiology lecturer provided me with the following tip:

Del-immune V.

This stuff is amazing. It’s a dead and chopped up probiotic.

When you catch a virus, it takes your immune system a little while to work out that there is a problem, and then it needs a bit more time to react. What Del-immune V does is to kick start your immune system so that it reacts more quickly to a virus.

There are two ways to take this supplement:
Acutely: when you get that first tickle of a cold, start taking 2-4 Del-immune V capsules every 4 hours, and you may not ever develop the cold. If you miss that first window, then it isn’t as effective, so keep some on your person.
Ongoing: take 1-2 capsules daily if you are in contact with viruses all the time and tend to catch them all.

Vitamin C.

Increasing vitamin C intake when you have a cold hasn’t been proven to decrease its duration or severity, BUT good vitamin C status when you catch a cold does help. So keep your fruit and vegetable intake high, and supplement if you catch colds often.


Having enough zinc in your body allows your immune system to work well, making you less susceptible to common viruses.

Taking zinc in the first 24 hours of a cold starting also reduces the duration and severity of the cold.

I’m also rather a fan of Harker’s Herbal products for colds and chest symptoms. But I’m not a herbalist, so I can only suggest that you speak to a naturopath about whether these are safe and suitable for you.

All these supplements are generally regarded as safe for most people when taken in appropriate doses. Always check product labels and/or ask a health professional for advice specific to your circumstances.

This post does not constitute personal medical advice.

cold-plushie Common cold plushie from Giant Microbes.

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